Tips for getting the best haircut this summer

Ah, the hair salon: a sacred place for in-depth conversation filled with lifestyle tips, sporting jokes and, of course, hairstyles. When they reopen, clients and their favorite stylists reconnect during the first 45-minute appointment, for several months.

Many of us have let the mane go past the ears and down to the shoulders. Other people’s hairstyles grow and rise – gravity-defying growth with impressive resistance to styling products. Some are sporting looks shorter than ever out of necessity.

Over the past 12 months – well, almost 15, if you count from the start of the pandemic – many of us have tried on trendy cuts, boxy dyes and styles that we can only call bowl cut but longer. Coming back to the barber’s chair comes with a sigh of relief, but what if you left your old barber behind? Some have been forced to close when restrictions prohibit formal appointments. Customers may have moved to different neighborhoods or new cities. The trends have also changed and you might be in the mood for something new.

So, many questions arise: how do I tell my hairdresser what I want? Do I even know what I want? What’s going on right now? When should I come back for another? What was once almost a routine is now less familiar than ever.

Mildred Co-owner of barbershop Rob McMillen, whose store is located on New York’s Lower East Side, has seen new freedom among returning customers. That being said, McMillen – who has booked solidly for the next three months – has the answers to a few questions you’ll likely consider before you book your next date.

What’s going on right now?

“From a trend standpoint, guys have felt more comfortable leaving things a little looser. We’ve had people who always want to have tapered edges, or who would still like the beard to be a little cut, but not so strict in shape or hair a really specific parting or styling. Guys say, “I used to get my hair cut every three weeks. Now I come every six weeks, because I don’t go to the office or to work; i don’t have so many social obligations. In NYC I can’t say that there is one style that we have seen a trend that is more that we have had more work with … We are seeing more facial hair and just hair. longer in general.

“A lot of people have also learned what might be some of their limitations when it comes to hairstyling and grooming, and I think that’s a really healthy thing to find out. Plus, some had those perceived limitations and I think they did. were able to work. That’s another really wonderful thing. Maybe they thought, ‘Oh, I could never have long hair because of that, or I could never do that, because of that. . ‘ The mentality of ever is not the best to have. “

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How do I ask for what I want?

“[I’ve noticed] the guys were more comfortable asking, “Hey, what do you think? I have been doing _____ for a very long time, is there anything you have thought or seen? ‘ Nowadays, the idea of ​​experimenting and trying something carries a little less risk. At the start of the pandemic, because they weren’t out that much, the guys grew their wacky mustaches – because no one sees me because I’m wearing a mask, or because, if I’m on a Zoom call , I’m comfortable enough with my team to do it, and so on. People seem to have learned to live a little more in their own skin, and that’s a good thing to see. “

Can I show a photo to my hairdresser?

“I think in the past I’ve seen guys be a little embarrassed to show a photo – they’d be just kind of like, eh, I don’t know. What if your barber or stylist doesn’t want to look at a reference? photo and wants to drive instead, I think that’s a sad thing. A photo reference, whether it’s cuts you’ve seen (from a celebrity’s perspective) or just looks you’ve have seen on social media, can be a really good place to start. At this point you aren’t necessarily discussing very strict terms when it comes to texture, length or whatever, but it’s more of a try. looking at this pic, see if it works with that person’s personal style, then fitting them into something that’s going to be close. There’s no one size fits all for that. “

How do I avoid a haircut I hate?

“When it comes to the consultation, especially if someone is trying out a new boutique, or a new stylist, or whatever, it can be intimidating. But I think you just have to realize that it there’s no bad looks to bring. And photos are one thing, but they also bring in things that you liked or didn’t like so much in the past: things that bothered you about your hair, which has been awkward, which you are looking to get over. I think there has been so much misinformation in barbering and styling that a lot of guys have read that there are these five best ways to keep hair curly, these five best beard looks, or all of those different things.

“There’s just a sea of ​​information, and it can be overwhelming for a lot of people. I think you have to narrow it down, simplify it a bit, and just talk in terms of a more personal style and some of the things. that you would prefer, and working with your stylist to do some of these things is a really fun thing. “

How do I maintain my mane between dates?

“Whenever you want to approach a longer style or a different style, the first thing you want to think about is what kind of maintenance you’re going to need to do to maintain that style. If it’s longer hair, you’re going to add a grooming product to your medicine cabinet or kit. If it’s a different look that you’re not very comfortable with styling, it’s going to require other additional parts. And, finally, you should be realistic now that the world is it something you can maintain when your schedule picks up?

“We say, if you make it very short, [you should go] two to three weeks [between visits]; if you keep something medium in length, three to five; and if you watch longer it might be five to seven or even more. These are the kinds of settings we’re looking at, but again it’s about being open and flexible, which your barber or stylist should be. And, if you’re still not sure, there isn’t a bad question or a stupid question. ”

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