Pixie Haircuts for Women: 21 Ideas to Inspire Your Next ‘Do

Pixie haircuts are a timeless classic of a hairstyle, and it is a fact. From ’60s starlets like Mia Farrow and Twiggy, to modern day muses like Zoë Kravitz, the popularity of the pixie crop has barely waned over the decades.

So what is it that makes these short hairstyles for women so attractive? Much shorter than bob hairstyles, the key lies in their simplicity; a pixie cut is effortless and chic, with a bit of androgynous charm. Not to mention, your washing and drying time is drastically reduced when your hair is so short. Win-win.

“The lockdown has forced some to make their pixie grow taller and, having moved to the other side of the dreaded ‘middle’ step, we see a lot of people embracing the length over and going for a softer look,” he said. -he adds. Bobby Collier, hairdresser at Larry King lounges, says woman & home. “Think of Gwyneth Paltrow around 97.”

Gwyneth Paltrow with Brad Pitt in Paris in 1997

Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic pixie haircut from 1997

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Michael Shaun Corby, Global Creative Director of Living proof, adds: “This season’s pixie is actually a two-tiered pixie that’s a bit longer in the back, think of Miley Cyrus. It gives you so many more options when styling, for example pulling some hair up and down. the front over the neck, or being able to tie the longer pieces in a style. “

What face shape can a pixie cut make?

In general, your hairdresser will know how to adapt a style to the shape of your face and your hair type; so have a consultation before you go for a big chop. That said, some shapes lend themselves more easily to pixie cropping than others.

“The pixie can be one of the most liberating cuts to achieve, but often only works with very specific features,” says Michael. “It’s best to keep in mind that it will accentuate a strong nose and chin, as well as round and square face shapes. But the cut generally works great for classic oval, heart and heart shape face shapes. diamond.”

The best pixie haircuts for women

The pixie is characterized by its “short and crisp” aesthetic, so it requires regular cuts to keep it looking fresh. “Maintaining short or pixie hair is a commitment, as it usually means a haircut or a reshape every four to six weeks,” confirms Bobby.

On that note, we’ve rounded up the best pixie cuts for women that you can go through now and cut them later. We think this may be the push you need to go get the chop …

Short pixie haircuts

Short pixie haircuts are really stylish – just look at celebrities like Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron, and Rihanna, who have all tried Elven cultures, if you don’t believe us.

To keep the style fresh, you’ll probably need to visit the salon closer to four weeks if your pixie cut is short, or it will start to look like a long pixie or bob before you know it.

The super short pixie haircut

Pixie cut with feathered bangs

The pixie cut

The short, spiky pixie cut

The pompadour pixie cut

Long pixie haircuts

Longer pixie crops give you a bit more work in terms of styling. “With the length on top, the pixie is a bit more versatile as you can flip [the hair] side to side, ”Bobby explains.

“You can maintain the length at the sides and sometimes tuck in behind the ear to create great looks. For me, the “nape” has to come in and hug the neck for the profile and shape of the head, but that can also be left with a softer edge.

The long layered pixie cut

Bowl cut leprechaun

The long side-swept pixie cut

The pixie cut with full bangs

French girl leprechaun harvest

Layered pixie haircuts

Textured pixie haircuts with layers add an extra “lived-in” element to this classic style. One of the most iconic layered pixie cuts of all time is the styling of Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry from the early 2000s, whose choppy style inspired many women to embrace hair scissors (read: ask to their hairdresser to do so). Take your texture spray or dry shampoo and wash it off!

The loose fit of the pixie

The choppy pixie cut

The pixie cut with layers of feathers

The long shaggy pixie cut

The pixie cut “long on top”

Curly pixie haircuts

Many women with curly hair are still hesitant to try shorter hair. But not only is curly hair seriously in fashion, with women around the world embracing its natural texture, in 2021 styling products are so good that a curly, defined pixie crop is actually the epitome of style.

The classic curly pixie cut

The tapered curly pixie cut

The coiled pixie cut

The choppy curly pixie cut

The short curly pixie cut at the back

How to style a pixie cut

As for what our experts recommend for styling your newly cut pixie? “You should always have a cream product with some hold. I would recommend our Perfect hair Day 5 in 1 styling treatment ($ 14/£ 10) for that. I also love Living Proof Curl Defining Gel (28 $/£ 27) to give a little more hold and shine.

“Speaking of shine, now that your hair is shorter you won’t need as much product. Try Anti-Frizz Oil ($ 30/£ 31) to tame flyaways a little and make sure you always have a good hairspray like to sweep the front, or even give it a very dramatic wet look! “

“Texturizing sprays and creams can give the pixie a real ’90s grunge feel,” Bobby adds. “Larry King’s Texturizing Clay ($ 26/£ 22) and the Redken wind (£ 12.10) are some of the products I would use. “

Armed with these expert styling tips and inspiration for your next salon date, we anticipate that you’ll be adopting a pixie cut soon.

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