Mother tells Nadine Lott murder trial that she tried to save her daughter’s life

A mother recounted the trial of a man accused of murdering her daughter when she found her lying on her back in the kitchen, gurgling and breathless. “I couldn’t recognize her face, I couldn’t recognize it was Nadine,” she said.

“I lay on the floor and said ‘you’re okay, we can do this.’ I was giving mouth to mouth. It was absolutely excruciating, but I was doing what I could to try to save her. my daughter’s life, ”he added. Claire Lott recounted the murder trial in Central Criminal Court this afternoon.

Ms Lott said she was puffing into Nadine’s mouth but the resuscitation was ineffective as the beautician was only “gurgling” and she couldn’t feel her chest swelling.

Opening Daniel Murtagh’s trial this morning, prosecution attorney John O’Kelly SC said Ms Lott suffered “severe blunt trauma” and stab wounds at the hands of her former partner “in a sustained attack “in his Arklow house.

The lawyer said the court would hear evidence that Ms Lott’s injuries were “so severe” that she never regained consciousness and died three days later at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin.

Mr Murtagh (34), of Melrose Grove, Bawnogue, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty of manslaughter of his 30-year-old ex-partner Ms Lott in his apartment in St Mary’s Court , Arklow, Co Wicklow December 17, 2019.

Testimony of Claire Lott

During her testimony this afternoon, Claire Lott told Mr O’Kelly that Nadine was her second eldest child and that she traveled to Australia in June 2012 on a work visa. She was “very successful” at working there in a beauty salon because she was a qualified esthetician, the court said. Ms Lott said Nadine met Mr Murtagh in Darwin and said all her daughter said about him was that he was “funny”.

Ms Lott said her daughter returned to Ireland in May or June 2013. She said Mr Murtagh did not return home at the same time but returned a few months later.

Recalling the early morning events of December 14, Ms Lott said her daughter Phoebe “broke into the room in a panic” at 4 a.m. and said “we have to go mum” because “Dan stabbed Nadine, we have to go now. “

Ms Lott said she jumped out of bed and ran away, telling jurors: “I didn’t even have shoes on me”. Arriving at Nadine’s apartment, Ms Lott said that Phoebe ran inside first and the others were behind her. The witness said she found Nadine on the floor and lay down to talk to her.

“Nadine was on her back, her head was tilted slightly and she was gurgling and looking for air. I couldn’t recognize her face, I couldn’t recognize it was Nadine. I said you were going, I was saying we can do it, ”Lott said.

The witness said she remembered Gardaí arriving and a woman from Garda contacted the emergency services telling them it was “bad, what should we do”.

Ms Lott said the Garda woman had started compressing Nadine’s chest and was giving mouth-to-mouth mouth watering. “It was absolutely excruciating but I was doing what I could to try to save my daughter’s life,” she continued.

The witness testified that word of mouth was not effective. “I was breathing Nadine but she was gurgling. When I was blowing into her mouth, I couldn’t feel her chest bulge. I don’t think what I was doing was really helping me,” she said.

Ms Lott said she was covered in blood and continued to do what she could until the ambulance arrived. She then left Nadine with the paramedics.

Testimonial from Phoebe Lott

Earlier, Nadine’s younger sister, Phoebe Lott, said she lived with her mother in Arklow and was “very close” to the deceased. “Even though it’s been six years between us, we had the same group of friends. I felt like I lost my left arm the day he left for Australia, but we almost talked. every day, ”she said.

Nadine had briefly told her about her meeting with Mr Murtagh, she said, and described it as “funny” and “a big laugh”.

She said Nadine returned from Australia in June 2013. In August 2016, Ms Lott said her sister and Mr Murtagh were supposed to move into a house in Arklow together, but Nadine was unable to contact him to find out. where he was.

“She decided she had tried enough by this point and the relationship ended,” Ms. Lott said.

Describing the events of the early hours of December 14, Ms Lott said Nadine’s neighbor called her at 4:30 a.m. “She said Dan stabbed Nadine and we had to come quickly. I met my mom and her partner and told them what had happened and we had to go,” she explained.

Ms Lott said the door to Nadine’s apartment was half open and she went into the living room, where pieces of glass from a shattered mirror were everywhere.

“I could see a lot of blood. When I walked I could hear the mirror crackle under my feet. I was in panic trying to find her. I went straight down the hall to the kitchen and saw her lying on it. the floor next to a cabinet with its feet at the sink, ”she noted.

Ms Lott said Nadine was lying on her back covered in blood and there were “wound marks” on the left side of her face. “Her lip was completely split, her eyes were really black and swollen. She was unaware and was gargling and looking for air,” she said. The witness said her sister was barefoot and was wearing her pajamas.

Garda Ben Silverlock said he was the observer in a patrol car on the night of December 13 with his colleague Gda Linda Butler, when they received a transmission call at 4:29 a.m. regarding a domestic dispute at St Mary’s Short. He said they met Ms Lott’s neighbor outside her house and she was very upset and physically shaking.

“She explained that there had been disturbances in the house and that Daniel Murtagh had just left the premises and the woman inside had serious injuries,” he said.

When he entered the apartment, Gda Silverlock said there was a lot of broken glass in the hallway. Mrs. Lott was on the kitchen floor, her head resting on the plinth. She suffered serious injuries to her face and neck and a lot of blood was lost, he said.

“I could hear gasps and gurgles as if I was trying to breathe but she didn’t seem to be conscious,” he said. There were stings in his neck and the witness said he could barely “make out his face” because it was covered in so much blood.

Next to her was a silver canteen knife, along with broken glass and shattered wood in the area, he said.

The trial continues tomorrow before Judge Michael MacGrath and a jury of seven men and five women. It should last two weeks.

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