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Since last year’s protests across the country, some local rights organizations have seen a resurgence of interest in their missions, and for Mokah Jasmine Johnson, this has helped shed light on a topic important to her. : the criminal justice system.

Johnson, president and co-founder of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement, said that when she got involved in activism her main goal was to fight discrimination and racism. Through research, she learned that the percentage of blacks and browns in prison in Athens is quite high. To help address this issue, she created the Freedom Fund in 2018, which helps provide bail or legal defense to those who lack financial resources.

“My goal then was to free the black and brown men and women who were locked in jail for petty crimes,” Johnson said.

The fund was originally used to help residents get out of prison on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. But during the 2020 protests, she said, the fund expanded to something more.

“Seeing the George Floyd video definitely sparked a change, then the protests in Athens where people were gassed with tear gas made it even more real,” Johnson said, adding that AADM helped bail out about 19 protesters.

Meanwhile, AADM has received more donations than ever before, she said. Since the protests, renewed interest has both raised awareness and helped connect those doing similar work.

At Oconee Street United Methodist Church, the Athens Area Courts Watch Project provided church members with a window into the legal system. Over the past several months, members have sought to build on this work by helping with the AADM Freedom Fund.

“We at Oconee Street reached out to AADM and said we were huge admirers of what you are doing with this bond fund – how can we help you? Said Lewis Allen, member of Oconee Street United Methodist.

After: Despite the rain, a small crowd gathers to celebrate Athens’ jubilee day

Allen said the church was in talks to provide wrap-around services to those bailed out by the fund. This could include transportation to other services in the area, reminders for those awaiting court dates and other supports before the person on bail returns to court.

“We’re in the early stages of this,” Allen said, adding that the church was going to be training with AADM.

But the partnership is a natural extension of court oversight, which began in 2019.

Steve Williams, a member of Oconee Street, said court oversight was linked to the church’s racial justice task force. He said on the first day, members noticed that one side of the courthouse railing – with judges, prosecutors or public defenders – was almost exclusively white while the other – those coming from prison – was in a large part of people of color.

“The first day it was a little shocking and then it became what we saw every day,” said Williams. “The disparity there kind of confirmed that Athens was no different from the rest of the country, in terms of mass incarceration mostly affecting brown and black people.”

(The story continues under the photo …)

John Vodicka, a church member who heads the court oversight project, said it was important for the court as a public institution to be overseen by residents.

“We just think the people who operate in this building need to understand that the public needs to know what’s going on and that we want to empower the people who work for us,” Vodicka said.

He said the penal system can reinforce institutional racism and is often used to disenfranchise those caught up in it, most of whom lack financial resources or are people of color.

“One of the reasons we want to partner with AADM is that we have a pool of volunteers in our church who may not be as interested in overseeing the courts, but who would be very interested in providing transportation. or to bring people to the resources that exist community, ”said Vodicka.

For Johnson, partnership is the work a community can do when they come together. She said she appreciated that Oconee Street and AADM continued to push the conversation and raise awareness by working with ordinary people.

“It constantly reminds people that this is happening and gives them tangible things about what they can do to make a difference,” Johnson said.

To find out more about the Freedom Fund, visit

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“You cannot subscribe to this ideal”: Maeva Heim wants to facilitate the care of black hair | Women’s hair Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:00:00 +0000

The first thing I notice when I meet Maeva Heim is her healthy mane. I am immediately envious. She styled her hair in a simple yet chic half updo, with a few curls framing her face – like an afro hair version of a messy updo. It’s a perfectly flawed look that I’ve tried to recreate with my own textured afro hair in the past, with little luck. She would later describe it as “lazy girl hair”.

These words haven’t always been synonymous with dark hair, usually because of the length of time it takes to style your hair. “I want to do as little as possible,” she told me. “To embrace this lazy girl hair lifestyle, you can’t subscribe to that ideal; that super shiny and perfectly curled curl.

I can see the allure of lazy girl hair for Heim. After launching her hair care line – Bread – in Australia, she is busier than ever. Although Heim lives in Melbourne, Bread was first marketed in the United States, in over 100 Sephora stores. It was in mid-2020. Since then, the brand has won several awards and is now present in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Maeva Haim owns one of the company’s most popular hair oil products. Photography: Alana Holmberg / Oculi for The Guardian

This success, she told me, was not easy. Heim knew the United States should be her target market because she wanted scale and investment. She says raising capital for a female beauty startup is easier in the United States than at home. “I didn’t want to go out the door as a brand that had no investment and therefore had to make money-based decisions that would impact the brand,” she says.

After a successful international launch, Heim moved closer to home. Bread is the first line of its kind in Australia, and she hopes Australian women with natural textures of afro and curly hair will benefit from products designed specifically for their hair.

I admit to Heim that being able to access products made by women with hair like mine could help minimize the laborious and time-consuming process of braiding hair.

Braiding is the budget option for many people with curly, afro-textured hair in Australia, eliminating the need for expensive weekly styling treatments. Even for those who can afford regular maintenance, it’s hard to find hairdressers who know how to style Afro hair, even if that is slowly starting to change.

It’s a change that Sydney-based hairstylist Chrissy Zemura is helping to drive. She launched a petition last year calling for more specific training for afro and curly hair to add to hairdressing education programs, having spent years counseling clients who had been treated poorly by other salons. “I used to get a lot of people with PTSD in the salon,” she says. “Everyone has had a terrible hairdressing experience in Australia at some point.”

Although training for afro-textured hair has been formally included in NSW Tafe’s curriculum since 2016, when training other hairstylists, Zemura has often found that she “wastes time on the most basic things. that should have been taught at Tafe “. Many stylists did not know such simple practices as shampoo. “Exactly how the hair behaves when it’s wet. Even how to untangle [the hair], before you can start cutting it.

Growing up, Heim was spared some of the traumatic experiences faced by Zemura’s clients, due to his mother’s profession. “She had an African hair braiding salon in Perth in the 90s,” Heim says. Here, her mother styled braids, cornrows, and dreadlocks for clients. The show was the first of its kind in Perth, she said. “It was literally like a garage attached to the back of a restaurant that she converted into a living room.”

On weekends and school holidays, Heim would make appointments and sweep the floors, remembering that people sometimes had trouble understanding his Ivorian mother’s accent on the phone. As he got older, Heim also began to braid his hair.

The first batch of basic hair care products from Bread
The first batch of basic hair care products from Bread. Photography: the beauty of bread

But around the turn of the millennium, her mother was forced to close her living room after, according to Heim, the neighborhood began to gentrify. “Basically they kicked her out of her store and pushed her out of her lease and this whole bunch got really modern,” she says.

Even when the salon was open, Heim’s relationship with his own naturally curly hair was not easy. As a child, she remembers “feeling like I had to adapt to this Western standard of beauty… All my friends had straight hair, of course I had to have straight hair. In the salon, her mother “straightened her hair … for the clients, and for me”.

Hair straighteners use harsh chemicals to break up the curly pattern of Afro hair and “relax” it, resulting in permanently (and often damaged) straight hair.

The point is, when it comes to black hair, it’s political. Blacks are often discriminated against for wearing their hair in its natural texture, including in Australian schools. In an incident in 2017, 16-year-old twins Tahbisa and Grace were asked to pull their hair down The girls, who are of South Sudanese descent, said the school attacked their African identity and refused to remove the braids. Initially, the school argued the ruling was a colorblind application of uniform policy, before granting the couple an exception.

Since then, there have been several similar episodes. In 2020, this sparked a petition from musician James Emmanuel urging private schools to change their uniform policies, which collected nearly 25,000 signatures.

As she grew up and started a successful career in marketing, Heim continued to relax her hair. In her mid-twenties, demonstrating the same entrepreneurial spirit as her mother, she set out to create a beauty brand for women like her – black women and women of color who are often overlooked by mainstream brands.

She briefly put on makeup, but dropped out after Rihanna’s Fenty line hit the market. Then a fateful visit to the United States changed the trajectory of his career. “I never thought of hair as the industry I would end up in,” she says. But on this trip, she had a chemical relaxant in her suitcase; when she got to Colorado, she said, “the relaxer had exploded on all of my stuff.”

Heim had been treating her hair with chemicals from a young age, but at that point she began to wonder why. “Does that matter? Maybe I should stop doing this. I’ve been doing it all my life; my mom started loosening my hair when I was six or seven, and then it’s every year, three to four times a year… 20 years and over.

Heim decided to embrace her natural curls, but after taking a trip to a department store in the United States, she noticed that the dark hair products were “dated.” It was as if “no one paid attention”.

Back then, black women would step away from relaxers and kiss their afro textured curls. This movement, which started with overtly political goals, has grown into mainstream in recent years and has often been owned by white-owned brands and influencers.

Portrait of Maeva Haïm
Maeva Haim was inspired to launch her hair care line when a chemical relaxer exploded in her suitcase. Photography: Alana Holmberg / Oculi for The Guardian

It was then that the idea was born to create a hair care line specifically for black women and women of color. Bread, Heim says, aims to make hair care easy and accessible with essentials (hence the name bread) that respond to “wash day” – a weekly routine that many black women undergo (usually on Sundays). ) to treat, care for and style their Hair.

While bread makes home hair care more accessible, in salons Zemura’s work also has an impact. Jaye Edwards, who runs EdwardsAndCo, a chain of salons across the country, says his stylists have benefited from the training and advocacy carried out by Zemura.

After being called out online for “not being inclusive and diverse,” Edwards says he’s made some quick changes, including consulting with Zemura and another hairstylist specializing in Afro hair, Rumbie Mutsiwa. “As hairdressers, we have to start having respect and know-how to… serve all clients, regardless of their texture,” says Edwards.

While centuries of racism and discrimination won’t be erased overnight by products or training, Heim at least hopes Bread will give young Australian girls of color the visibility she wished they had growing up.

“Young girls walk into Sephora and hopefully see themselves reflected on our shelf, compared to anywhere else in the store,” she says. “I wish it had existed when I was growing up here as a teenager, just to kind of feel validated.”

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VA integrates extended reality technology across all sites and treatments Fri, 11 Jun 2021 19:43:15 +0000

As it strives to innovate in healthcare delivery, the Department of Veterans Affairs deploys immersive extended reality technologies that can transport patients to an art museum, the beach or elsewhere, without ever leaving their hospital bed.

Extended reality, or XR, is an umbrella term that encompasses virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. Each, in its own way, essentially expands or simulates the world humans know with the help of wearable headsets. Last fall, the Veterans Health Administration launched the XR Network, which brings these emerging technologies to veterans across the United States as they embark on sessions to address challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. VHA now has over 50 sites using XR and over 200 VA employees are actively involved in the XR network.

The agency this week confirmed plans piloting the network’s first multi-site quality improvement pilot.

“The objective of this pilot project is to determine the utility of VR in fall risk assessments, neurological risk assessment, palliative care, use of procedures, acute pain management and / or chronic and anxiety, ”Dr Anne Lord Bailey, President of XR A clinical specialist in emerging network and HAV technologies, said Nextgov in a Friday.VA email Frontline staff, researchers, medical experts and external stakeholders from other agencies, as well as academia and the private sector, are involved in the growing network. Prior to that, XR initiatives had been siled within the larger organization. Broadly speaking, attendees aim to help scale XR across the enterprise and support installations at every stage of projects along the way.

So far, nearly 300 sessions have been performed using technology as a sort of distraction tool to help deal with pain, stress, boredom and restlessness in patients and to aid relaxation, according to the recent announcement from VA. Those with pain saw their intensity drop by 61%, and 100% of participating veterans using it to relieve restlessness experienced a decrease in this feeling. Of these veterans, 67% showed an increase in calm and cooperative behavior.

“These specific sessions were carried out at [the Western North Carolina VA Health Care System], in Asheville, NC, ”Bailey explained. “Additional sites have also moved forward to bring this into the hands of veterans. The VA facility in Reno, Nevada, she said, performed just over 200 sessions for pain, mood improvement, and functional movement.

A page produced by the VHA innovation ecosystem shared with Nextgov offers an overview of this immersion therapy work taking place in Asheville. The current program offers veterans nearly a dozen virtual reality options to choose from, activities like walking in the woods or along the beach, exploring museums, shooting snowballs at targets and more. . Other options are also under development. Virtual reality immersion in some cases has helped reduce opioid use by veterans to relieve discomfort, the document notes.

Nextgov also looked at some anonymized patient data collected in this work, capturing hundreds of different engagements with XR and qualitative statements vets have offered about their experience with the technology.

“It takes me to a different reality, everything is freer there,” said one of them.

While some were skeptical that it provided complete pain relief, heaps said the experience provided a great distraction from how they felt before treatment. For some, it brought back memories or relieved stress to some extent. One veteran said he was nauseous from the experience, but many others asked for more opportunities to incorporate it into their therapies.

“It was like seeing a good movie, you don’t want it to end,” noted another.

The XR network is planning a virtual meeting at all levels at the end of the month and its first multi-site pilot, which will explore several inpatient and outpatient use cases.

“This pilot will be deployed to 11 different VA medical centers,” Bailey said. They include facilities in Virginia, California, Ohio, Texas, Colorado and more. Feedback from veterans and clinicians will be gathered on how technology could support fall risk assessments and neurological risk assessment care for life-threatening illnesses, and for pain and stress relief . Those involved will use headsets equipped with a variety of software based on use cases.

“Clinicians will be trained in the use of virtual reality and will receive relevant advice on infection control, templates for standardized documentation in the patient’s health record and a guide to help answer questions related to the patient’s health. running a virtual reality pilot at their facility, ”Bailey said.

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What length of hair is suitable for my face shape? How to maximize your bone structure Fri, 11 Jun 2021 10:39:39 +0000

You know how we are. We believe it’s your hair and your face, so you should wear whatever haircut you like. But, But, out of interest, we wanted to know if there were any styles in particular that could really celebrate and accentuate our face shape and bone structure. If we have him, we could display him as an absolute champion.

So which hair lengths work best for which face shapes? “There is no right or wrong answer to this question. All hair lengths are suitable for just about any face shape,” says Dom seeley, leading stylist and international creative director at Waouh color. “But it’s worth thinking about the cut, layering, movement and styling of your hair. If you were to be specific and go for a length to really flatter your face shape and accentuate your features, these are the lengths that suits you best… ”, says Dom.


“Heart-shaped faces are slightly wider around the forehead and narrower on the chin and jaw,” says Dom.
“For those with a heart-shaped face, stick with long, soft layers such as bobs and lobs to add fullness around the jawline,” explains Stevie Holland, Senior Stylist at LIVING ROOM64. “We are seeing a huge renaissance of lobs with attitude and layers,” she adds. And to make sure it stands out, “pair the cut with a bold new color,” says Stevie.

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Oval-shaped faces are longer than they are wide and gradually narrow towards the chin.
“Any length looks great on oval face shapes because they work with almost any style, from pixies and short crops to really long lengths,” says Dom. “This is one of the easiest face shapes and allows you to have short hair, long hair with curtain bangs or a bob with or without bangs,” he agrees. Frédéric Fekkai, renowned stylist and founder of Fekkai hair care. Stevie recommends a blunt square cut, “with subtle movements and curls or waves. It helps promote symmetry in the haircut and always looks eye-catching,” she says.

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A square-shaped face has a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a strong jawline, ”explains Frédéric.
“Square face shapes tend to have force in the jaw, so you can soften it by having your hairstylists add layers around the face to visually cut the corner of the jaw,” says Dom. “Longer bobs look great and longer hair does too – as long as it’s layered.” In general, Dom suggests skipping cuts that touch the chin or jawline, as well as long hair.

“When it comes to styling, it’s always best to stay wispy and soft, nothing harsh or blunt,” says Dom. In addition, “a side part will compensate for square angles”, explains Frédéric. “Side swept bangs will highlight the cheekbones,” he adds. To help achieve that volume, Dom recommends Color Wow’s Raise The Root Blow-Dry Spray. “You can direct it towards the roots or spray on the mid-lengths and ends to add courage and memory to the hair so it’s much easier to style,” he explains.

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Long faces are similar to ovals, only slightly longer.
“If you have a longer face, you may want to minimize the volume on the top of your head and focus on creating volume on the sides of your face,” says Dom. “This will balance the length of your face and create more structure. Bobs are great for this face shape as they cut straight at the chin or jawline and stop any form of elongation,” he adds.

That said, “a longer style can work very well,” says TRESemmé British Hair Ambassador, Aaron Carlo. “A great way to enhance this style is to use face-framing layers, they will soften long hair and create a shape to highlight and enhance features like the eyes and cheekbones,” he adds. he. “I would add curtain bangs ending around the cheekbones, to create the illusion of width in the middle,” agrees Stevie. “And a big full blow-dry or big curls again help create width and add va va voom,” she adds.

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Round face shapes tend to be the same width and length, ie a “baby face”.
“Round face shapes tend to be smaller and smaller overall, so some haircuts can overwhelm the face if you don’t cut or style your hair to flatter that shape,” says Dom. “With this face shape, it’s a good idea that your haircut creates interest and angles in your hairstyle. It will lengthen the face,” he says.

“Those with a round shaped face are suitable for long layers, textured pixie cuts, and short side bangs to add height and make the face appear longer,” agrees Stevie. As for the cuts to avoid? “I would stay away from bold, full bangs, as it can often make a round face look framed,” Stevie adds. From a styling standpoint, “it’s best to style in soft waves, adding body and volume,” says Dom.

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A diamond face shape tends to have a narrow forehead and jawline with high cheekbones. This is the least common face shape
“Shorter hair works best on diamond faces. Shoulder or collarbone lengths are ideal,” says Dom. Plus, even pixie cuts work well for this face shape. Because a diamond bone structure is quite angular, “it’s about softening the face,” adds Dom.

“Ideally, you should avoid mid-sections, heavy bangs and bangs. Again, this face shape is enhanced by creating soft styles and loose bangs,” Dom continues. Frédéric agrees, “long layers and tousled waves with a side part” is the way to go, he believes.

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To learn more about GLAMOR Associate Beauty Editor Elle Turner, follow her on Instagram @elleturneruk.

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General Atlantic leads $ 100 million investment in Fresha, the world’s leading beauty and wellness platform, to fuel continued growth Fri, 11 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000

LONDON AND NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Fresha, a leading beauty and wellness software platform, today announced a $ 100 million Series C investment led by General Atlantic, a leading global growth capital firm, with a strategic stake of Huda Kattan of HB Investments and founder of Huda Beauty, as well as Michael Zeisser of FMZ Ventures, former chairman of Alibaba Group investments, and Jonathan Green of Lugard Road Capital. Existing global investors from Fresha, Partech, Target Global and FJ Labs, also participated in the round, bringing the company’s total fundraising to $ 132 million to date. Fresha will leverage the new funds to further expand its global community of partner salons and spas, expand product development, deepen market reservations and pursue strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Fresha enables consumers to discover, book and pay for beauty and wellness appointments with local businesses through its marketplace, while salons, spas and hair salons can leverage Fresha to manage their operations with its software. intuitive and subscription-free business. The Fresha platform removes the critical issues that service companies often face by seamlessly facilitating the acceptance of online appointment bookings, processing card payments and managing customer records, as well as automations for marketing, staffing, product inventory and accounting, all in one place. In addition to its free offering, Fresha Plus provides partners with additional advanced features; rather than a traditional subscription model, the company charges a fee for using the card payment and online reservation processing features.

Fresha has amassed an extensive base of approximately 50,000 partner sites spanning primarily the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In April 2021 alone, the company added more than 4,000 new sites. The Fresha platform is used in 120 countries around the world, and each month, clients make tens of millions of appointments on the platform, processing nearly $ 12 billion worth to date. Fresha’s focus on creating free, easy-to-use software and offering business tools without any subscription fees, supported by strong word-of-mouth, has helped the company to build up a loyal clientele and clientele. Fresha’s partner companies rely on the platform for its ease of use, time-saving benefits and built-in features to increase sales, while end consumers benefit from a booking experience and premium payment.

“From the day we founded Fresha, our primary focus has been on delivering a solution that thrills our customers. This dynamic continued to guide our feature development and long-term vision. The rapid growth we are seeing comes down to having satisfied customers who enjoy using Fresha, ”said William Zeqiri, Founder and CEO of Fresha. “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition across the world to online reservations and integrated card payments, now considered essential to running any modern salon or spa. In May 2021, Fresha saw the volume of card payments processed on the platform triple from a year earlier. ”

“Legacy software offerings for beauty and wellness businesses are often expensive to purchase and difficult to use. Salons face barriers with inefficient planning, resulting in low occupancy and lost sales, ”said Nick Miller, co-founder and product manager of Fresha. “More than ever, beauty and wellness companies are choosing to increase sales by leveraging tools to facilitate online payments, self-service reservations and automated marketing initiatives. Fresha’s technology optimizes appointment scheduling with real-time online availability and drives local discovery, helping partner salons increase sales, ”he said.

“Freshha has become a leader in the beauty and wellness industry,” said Aaron Goldman, global co-head of financial services and general manager of General Atlantic. “William, Nick and the Fresha team have built a product that resonates with the market and creates long-term value through the intersection of its payment, software and marketplace offerings. We are excited to partner with the company and believe Fresha has a significant opportunity to further develop its innovative platform. ”

Huda Kattan shared her enthusiasm to invest in the business: “I have witnessed the positive impact Fresha has on beauty entrepreneurs. The company is a positive force in the growing community of beauty professionals around the world, who increasingly take an independent approach. By making the best business software available without any subscription fees, Fresha allows professionals to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional experiences to their customers. ”

“We believe Fresha outperforms the competition by combining superior product-to-market fit with exceptional execution capabilities,” said Philippe Collombel, General Partner at Partech. “William and Nick superbly led Fresha during the COVID-19 pandemic. They continued to innovate, accelerate new show registrations and increase revenue, while helping new venues and small businesses weather the crisis. We look forward to seeing the continued growth of Fresha after this new funding round and are delighted to partner with General Atlantic again, ”he said.

Previously, Fresha had raised Series B investments from Paris-based Partech, as well as Series A and seed investments from Dubai-based MEVP. Launched in 2015 and headquartered in London, the company is backed by investors from New York, Silicon Valley and Europe.

About Fresha

Fresha is one of the world’s leading beauty and wellness platforms. Each month, tens of millions of appointments are discovered, booked and paid for with partner salons, spas and hair salons on Fresha. 50,000 partner sites in more than 120 countries use the platform to manage their operations with Fresha’s intuitive, comprehensive, subscription-free business software. Fresha transforms beauty and wellness business operations by enabling online appointment booking acceptance, card payment processing and client record management, as well as automations for marketing, staffing personnel, product inventory and accounting, all in one place. Originally launched in 2015 under the name Shedul, the company renamed Fresha in 2020. For more information, visit, download Fresha on the App Store and google play or follow Fresha on Facebook and Instagram.

About General Atlantique

General Atlantic is a leading global growth capital firm providing capital and strategic support to growth companies. Founded in 1980, General Atlantic combines a collaborative global approach, industry expertise, a long-term investment horizon and a deep understanding of growth drivers to partner with great entrepreneurs and management teams to create leading companies on the world market. General Atlantic has over 175 investment professionals based in New York, Amsterdam, Beijing, Greenwich, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Munich, Palo Alto, São Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore. For more information on General Atlantic, please visit the website:

About Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is President of HB Investments (HBI), the private investment office of the founders of Beauty Huda: Huda (Chair), Mona (Chair), Alya Kattan, Christopher Goncalo and is chaired by CEO Karan Wats. HBI invests in visionary entrepreneurs who share a common desire to create world-class consumer brands while creating meaningful impact; Engage entrepreneurs with a branding, marketing, PR and distribution ecosystem to help them unleash their magic. Going beyond traditional investment partnerships, HBI also operates a comprehensive incubator program called HB Angels, which provides seed funding and a branding ecosystem to a carefully selected group of in-house entrepreneurs. With a strong team of top talent in marketing, public relations, operations and supply chain, HBI is co-creating companies that can change the world for the better.

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Muscogee Nation purchases former Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility | Local News Fri, 11 Jun 2021 01:02:00 +0000

OKMULGEE – The Muscogee Nation National Council voted 12-0 Thursday night to purchase the former Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility in southern Tulsa.

Speaking to the council, Muscogee Nation Health Secretary Shawn Terry said the property will have inpatient and outpatient services, the latter of which can begin as early as early July.

The facility will be open to the public, as will the tribal hospitals in Okemah and Okmulgee. The emergency rooms at these two facilities receive around 2,000 visits per month combined, with 60% of these patients eventually being transferred to a hospital in the Tulsa area.

Rather than being used exclusively for cancer treatments, inpatient specialties will be areas identified as current needs by the Muscogee Nation Department of Health, such as post-stroke care, neurology, health care. memory and cardiology.

“We don’t offer oncology, but we had all of these needs,” Terry said. “We knew we needed a campus in Tulsa and we think it’s just a good fit.”

When it reopens, the hospital is expected to create 100 new jobs within a year.

The tribe will lease the facility for $ 500,000 per month until the $ 40 million sale is finalized. Additionally, the Muscogee Nation is expected to pay $ 5 million up front, which is only refundable if the LLC that currently owns the building is unable to provide proper title to the property.

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HRB Brands Acquires Helen of Troy, Mass Market Personal Care Products Company Thu, 10 Jun 2021 16:09:49 +0000

For Helen of Troy, the divestiture is an opportunity to focus on what the company calls its leading brands in the consumer products space, both in and beyond beauty. “This transaction advances Helen of Troy’s strategy of focusing resources on its growing portfolio of eight leading brands,” CEO Julien R Mininberg said in his remarks to the media.

These top performing brands, according to Minnberg “Are OXO, Hydro Flask, Vicks, Braun, PUR, Honeywell, Drybar and HOT Tools, all of which leverage our shared services platform, generate strong cash flow and provide a global presence we can build on while continuing to execute our strategic transformation plan.In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

“Our leading brands are among our highest volume and margin brands, which together accounted for over 80% of global sales in fiscal 2021” he explains in this week’s press release about the divestiture.

The deal does not include the sale of the personal care business Helen of Troy as it currently exists in Latin America or the Caribbean, but HRB Brands (High Ridge Brands Co.) has the right to purchase these. companies before the end of the fiscal year. year 2022.

Beauty brands remain key to Helen of Troy’s business

Helen of Troy remains in the beauty products and tools business. “In our beauty segment”, Minnberg explains, “We continue to focus on accelerating the growth of our global appliance and premium liquids business under the Revlon, Drybar and HOT Tools brands. “In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

“We expect this divestiture to help us accelerate our high and low growth rates and allow us to redeploy capital in accordance with Helen of Troy’s capital allocation strategy. ” In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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RH amazes with 44% growth in Q1 vs. 2019, proving luxury home boom continues Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:10:35 +0000

For the first quarter ending May 1 RH has just announced record results, with net income increasing 78%, from $ 482.9 million last year to $ 860.8 million. Looking at the rest of the year, CEO Gary Friedman expects fiscal 2021 to end 25% to 30%, increasing his previous outlook from 15% to 20%.

But comparisons to last year hardly make sense, as the country has been stranded for most of it. The best measure of success is to compare first quarter 2019 results and HR

gave a stunning performance. Revenue increased 44% from $ 598 million. And in 2021, the company did it with three fewer HR galleries and full-price HR showrooms, dropping from 85 in 2019 to 82 this year.

With Friedman’s goal firmly set on increasing company margins, which is the yardstick by which he measures the success of HR’s luxury business model, he announced that HR’s current operating margin of 21.8% was now higher than that of LVMH and he expects margins to reach 23.5%. at 24.3% at the end of the year.

Riding a wave that includes a strong housing and renovation market, a booming stock market, low interest rates and the unmasking of the country, Friedman says these trends “could lead to years of type exuberance. crazy “.

This may turn out to be an unfortunate analogy, as we all know how the first Roaring Twenties ended, but for now Friedman is roaring at the prospects for his business.

Simplicity itself

In a letter from the CEO accompanying the publication of the results, Friedman bragged about the “simplicity and low-risk nature” of the company he created. He wrote:

“We also understand the strategies we are pursuing: opening up the largest specialty retail experiences in our industry, while most shrinking their business footprint or closing stores; move from a promotional model to a membership model, while others position their brands around price versus product; continue to send inspiring source books, as many eliminate catalogs and, refusing to follow the herd in self-promotion on social media, instead allowing our brand to be defined by the design and quality of products and experiences that we create – are all in direct conflict with the conventional wisdom and plans pursued by many in our industry. “

Turning left when the entire furniture industry turns right, he compares RH to luxury leaders, such as Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, rather than its vertical peers. And he even sets RH apart from these luxury leaders because his brand doesn’t cede to the demand for seasonal styles or follow fashion trends.

“We have built the most comprehensive and compelling collection of luxury home furniture under one brand in the world,” he wrote.

Building a growth ecosystem

What sets HR apart even more from other luxury brands is that Friedman’s vision for HR goes beyond building a luxury brand to creating an ‘ecosystem of products, services, places and settings. ‘spaces’.

Highlights of the evolution of the HR ecosystem in the near future include:

Product pillar

The company will continue to expand its product lines to meet more interior design needs and styles. Starting this fall, RH will be launching the “biggest cycle of new product introductions” in its history.

Joining its lineup in 2021 will be an RH Contemporary collection that will launch with a 400-page dream book, dedicated website, nationwide ad campaign and independent RH Contemporary gallery in San Francisco.

The RH Couture Upholstery, RH Bespoke Furniture and RH Color collections will also continue to elevate HR products to true luxury.

Services pillar

The HR service offers put the expertise of professionals to manage all the details of the decoration of a house or a commercial project. Such professional design support is de rigueur to serve luxury consumers. Currently, Friedman claims that RH Interior Design is the “largest residential design company in North America.”

An HR architecture and HR landscape architecture offer is being studied, “because we receive constant requests concerning the design of our galleries, courtyards and rooftop parks”.

These services are essential to support its Places and Spaces pillars.

Pillar of places

HR Flagship Galleries are the first example of its Places pillar that “uplifts and makes our products and our brand more valuable,” he said. With the goal of operating 60 to 70 HR galleries in the United States, Friedman predicts the company will grow from $ 6 billion in the United States to $ 20 to 25 billion globally.

This year, in addition to opening the RH Contemporary Gallery in San Francisco, the company will be opening Design Galleries in San Francisco, Oak Brook and Jacksonville. And the RH Guesthouse hospitality will open in New York in the fall.

In 2022, the company’s international expansion with RH England will open in the spring on the historic 73-acre estate at Aynhoe Park, which was originally designed in 1615 by Sir John Soane. Next on the list will be RH Paris on the Champs-Élysées in the fall. Friedman also announced that the company has secured three more European locations, including London, Munich and Düsseldorf, and is in negotiations for five more locations.

Each RH International Gallery will harness the unique culture and history of its location, and at RH England and Paris, a champagne and caviar bar will be added to the hospitality offerings.

Spaces pillar

RH Spaces brings together its private charter planes and its luxury yacht, available for cruises in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. And an RH Bath House and Spa will join the Spaces offer of its Aspen guesthouse, which is scheduled to open in the second half of 2022.

“We believe our seamlessly integrated ecosystem of immersive experiences inspires customers to dream, design, dine, travel and live in a world carefully curated by HR, creating an impression and connection unlike any other brand in the world,” says Friedman.

Digital remedial

With its Places and Spaces so essential to the HR business model, digital e-commerce has been less of a priority. “We believe our galleries are proving to be a huge competitive advantage allowing HR to acquire clients at lower fixed costs compared to the variable digital advertising costs which can change daily for brands without stores or who are closing their stores.” , Friedman wrote.

However, the company is now turning to digital through a new portal “The World of HR” to present online the vision of its Products, Services, Places and Spaces.

Launched this fall, it will deliver “rich, immersive content with streamlined navigation and search features, all designed to enhance the shopping experience and make our product and brand more valuable,” he said.

Friedman promises that the digital re-imagining that has been taking place behind the scenes for several years will be as revolutionary online as its galleries have been in the physical world.

“We believe there is an opportunity to create a strategic online separation similar to what we have with our offline galleries, by redesigning what a website can and should be,” he said.

Join the ranks of luxury

In conclusion, Friedman sums up why he will rank among Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci:

“We believe that when you step back and consider: one, we are building a brand that is second to none; second, we create a customer experience that cannot be replicated online; and third, we have full control of our brand from concept to customer, you realize what we are building is extremely rare in today’s retail landscape and we would say it will turn out to be everything too. also valuable.

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NICE Recommends Several Treatment Options To Help Thousands Of People With Moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis | News and Features | New Thu, 10 Jun 2021 07:46:59 +0000

NICE counts today (10e June) published the final version of the guide which recommends several treatment options for about 25,000 people with moderate rheumatoid arthritis who have not responded to conventional therapies.

Adalimumab, etanercept, and infliximab, taken with methotrexate, have been recommended for use in the NHS. Adalimumab and etanercept can also be used as monotherapy when methotrexate is contraindicated or not tolerated.

NICE previously recommended biological treatments only for severe rheumatoid arthritis. These guidelines have been revised as biosimilars became available, which means these treatments are now available for the NHS at a lower price. A biosimilar drug is a drug developed to be similar to an existing biologic drug.

Meindert Boysen, Deputy CEO and Director of the Center for Health Technology Evaluation at NICE, said: “I am delighted that we are able to recommend additional treatment options for people with moderate rheumatoid arthritis whose disease has not responded to conventional treatments.

“These recommendations come after a pragmatic review of existing guidelines in response to the availability of biosimilars in the NHS. We are delighted that the introduction of biosimilars has reduced the overall costs of treatment, allowing our independent committee to recommend a biologic treatment to more people with rheumatoid arthritis so that they can enjoy a better quality of treatment. life.

Evidence from clinical trials suggests that the treatments offer similar benefits for people with moderate illness as well as those with severe illness.

Treatments were only recommended if intensive treatment with two or more conventional disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs DMARDS did not control the disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an incurable chronic systemic inflammatory autoimmune disease in which the synovial joints (such as those in the hands and feet) become inflamed, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness.

The disease affects a total of around 400,000 people in the UK, of whom over 150,000 suffer from moderate rheumatoid arthritis. This means that more than 15% of people with moderate rheumatoid arthritis who have not responded to conventional therapies should benefit from this recommendation. It is about 2 to 4 times more common in women than in men. It can develop at any age, but the maximum age of onset in the UK is around 40 to 70 years.

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6 steps to becoming a great hairdresser – Thu, 10 Jun 2021 06:44:02 +0000

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