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Budget Committee Cuts Loans for Road Projects and Transit Assistance to Madison and Milwaukee | Local government

“This transportation budget meets the needs of our communities while borrowing at a responsible level,” said committee co-chair Senator Howard Marklein, R-Spring Green. “This is going to have long term benefits for our transportation fund.” Democratic committee members targeted the GOP budget to include a one-time 50% cut in funding …

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Portland Council Approves Bayside Shelter Moratorium

Portland city councilors voted 6-3 Monday night in favor of a 180-day moratorium on new emergency shelters in Bayside, where many social services and homeless shelters have been concentrated in recent decades . The moratorium is intended to give council time to complete the drafting and present for approval a …

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4 new findings shed light on crowdfunding for charity

This article is republished from The conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article here. Collect funds online from a group of donors, known as crowdfunding, is relatively new. The term was invented in 2006 by entrepreneur Michael sullivan. But having a lot of people to support a …

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