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They’re also great for overnight protection (you can pair them with a pillow if you have heavy flow) and for people who fear leaks during sports or physical activity. Personally, I always wear these period resistant underwear or the Thinx underwear when running during my period, and it has been a MASSIVE godsend. In addition, unlike your usual underwear, you do not need to clean the blood from them. They are designed so that it rinses directly in the sink with soap and lukewarm water, and can be tossed in the washer and dryer from there.

You can read the rest of my vintage Bambody underwear review for more details!

Psst – critics love these underwear, but suggest to size!

Promising results: “These are WONDERFUL !! They are super comfortable, soft, have a slight compression, breathable, very covering, not bulky at all and super absorbent !! You also don’t have that metallic blood smell that I’m very skeptical about. So the packaging says that they recommend using them as an alternative to another menstrual product like a cup, but I tested these babies throughout my period as the only form of protection and left my cup in its drawer. I am in my thirties. I’m not a big tapper but I have some pretty busy days. For the test, I used one panty per day (24 hours) and never had any leaks, wetness, odor, discomfort or bulk. When I rinsed them in the sink after the 24 hour test, the amount of blood was amazing. When you rinse it off, there is definitely that kind of metallic old blood smell. Then I simply washed them on the delicate cycle and air dried. Super easy, takes a long time to air dry though. I will probably buy more so that I can have day and night sets. “-Becky

Get it on Amazon for $ 14.90 + (available in sizes XS-6XL, two colors and in packs of three).

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